WORKNET ACTIVITIES makes your workshops more fun and effective.

Like you, we love to see people learn and grow. So, each of our ACTIVITIES is designed to teach, while entertaining. They are practical, memorable and cater to the various learning styles of even the most challenging job candidates. They use visual aids, movement and incorporate other non-traditional teaching techniques. As a result, candidates can easily, and remember what was taught long after more traditional way.

Each Instruction card includes:

  • The purpose of the Activities
  • Where it fits into the Journal or Express Group Workshop
  • A list of the supplies you will need to buy
  • Masters of specialised forms or additional Props
  • Instructions on how to conduct the game so your candidates get the most out of it
  • ‘What to Watch For’ so you are ready to handle problems
  • Debriefing ideas so you know that the lessons are learned and the purpose achieved
  • Plus, variations on the game, which will help you to tailor it to your special needs.
  • All you have to do is print it off.


Getting the Group Going — Offers 10 fun ways to facilitate interaction including Kooshing, Pair/Share, Snowball Fight and Work the Room (Cost $2.50)

My Career Planner is a fun, easy-to-use career testing tool designed for people who do not like to take tests. It will lead them and you to their ‘Dream Job’. It’s from our Career Journal Workshop, but can be done in a group or individually. See our CD Journals.

Barriers Card Sort Game is the ‘job seeker companion’ to No One Is Unemployable, is an easy-to-use game which allows job seekers to self-identify and begin overcoming more than 100 barriers which may be keeping them from getting and keeping a job, and being promoted. It comes with one PADMAN Poster. Recommend you also buy the Overcoming Barriers to Employment Journal & No One Is Unemployable. (Cost $10.00)

My PADMAN Plan — Our easy to use PADMAN Plan assists your candidate to identify the strength and barriers to the job they are seeking. It can revolutionize their job search and make case management meetings more effective. Download page.

Sole Survivor — This activity allows candidates to think like an employer in the hiring process. They are put in the employerís shoes and forced to decide who gets screened-out and who survives. As a result, they have a better understanding of the hiring/screen-out process, and are more aware of how they can avoid getting screened-out and become the one that is hired. (Cost $10.00)

All our other activities range from $1.00 to $2.50 each. $1.00 – Instruction Sheet only, $2.50 – Instructions with Master Forms or additional props, or, you can buy the complete set for $50.


Network BINGO ($2.50) — A get-up and move around activity designed to get candidates talking. Itís great for orientation sessions or the first week of classes.

The Unemployed Chicken ($1.00) — This activity may appear silly, but it allows candidates to consider the differences between the unemployed and the employed lifestyles, find out they are not alone in their fears and explore their options in a safe setting, without realising the depth of all that they are revealing and processing.

Let’s Make A Deal ($1.00) — For candidates who stopped dreaming long ago, this activity helps them recall those dreams, and challenges them to consider what happened to those dreams. It allows them to see that they have ‘traded’ their dreams for what they have today and to evaluate whether or not it was a good trade. It also encourages them to reclaim their old dreams or achieve new ones.

Where Do I Stand? ($1.00) — All jobs require some level of expertise and some level of learning. This activity gets candidates to think about where they stand on the scale between ‘highest expert’ and ‘highest learner’. You will find that most candidates remain more motivated and confident when they are in jobs that match the ìExpert vs. Learner balance that they prefer.

What Is It Field, Skill or Value? ($2.50) — A good job match is one which matches not one the candidate’s skills, but also their fields of fascination and values. This activity teaches candidates to differentiate the three, so they can find a match.

Perfect 10 ($1.00) –This activity shows candidates how combining their top values and skills with interests that fascinate them, results in jobs they would love to do… in fact, several possible Dream Jobs.

Unusual Job ($1.00) — This game gets candidates thinking out of the box when it comes to different types of jobs. Often candidates see so few options.

22nd Century ($2.50) –This activity allows the candidates to think about new jobs that are emerging and how rapidly things are changing — to begin thinking outside the box and looking for new and different jobs where their natural skills and interests can be utilised.

Name That Job ($2.50) — Our Reverse Career Path identifies e Four Types of Jobs. Though this concept seems very basic, it has proven to be very difficult to grasp initially. This activity should make it clear and easier to create their Reverse Career Path.

How Do I Learn Best ($2.50) — A simple 3 question test which show candidates whether thy are an visual, audio or experiential learner.


Where Am I? ($2.50) — A funny role play which illustrates that different cultures do things differently, and that what determine which is right, is where you are.

Going My Way ($1.00) –This game clearly illustrate the importance of having a mentor to help them manoeuvre their way through the Business Culture and advance their career. Identifying who they might choose as their mentor, is their next step.

Culture Shock ($2.50) — For most our candidates, to reach their career dreams, or even get hired, they will need to become bicultural in the Business Culture. This activity presents the Business Culture as a ‘foreign culture’ which is neither right nor wrong, just different from their social culture. It does not suggest they change, but rather, gives them the option to succeed in more than one culture by learning the rules and protocol of the Business Culture.

Who’s In My Corner ($1.00) — It allows candidates to identify the negative influences which could cause them to stop, give up or go back on their journey toward employment, self-sufficiency and career satisfaction. It will help them determine how to minimise their negative influences, while maximising positive influences.

Doggone It ($1.00) — The purpose of the activity is to introduce that two people can have the same experience and have totally different reactions. It illustrates the ABC Theory (Action Belief Consequence).

What If ($2.50) — This activity teaches candidates to think like employers so they can constructively respond to difficult situations. It help them understand how their responses impact their career advancement and challenge them to make new, constructive choices. It’s a good observational assessment tool for you.

What Are My Options? ($1.00) — Teach that in every situation there is more that one option …particularly if it’s a bad option.

Work Credit ($1.00) — This activity allows candidates to experience the importance of practicing ‘Added Value’ on the job, while clearly illustrating that it is different from ‘kissing up’.

Trade Ya ($1.00) — Illustrate the importance of offing employers’ Exchange with Abundance’ – more than they ask for- so your seen as promotable.

The Bank ($2.50) — This activity brings to life important and often ignored rules in the business culture. The 13 true or false questions tests their understanding of the business culture and starts great discussions.

Screen Out Bingo ($2.50) — This quick activity allows candidates to think about the many different ways they can be screened-out in the job search process.

What’s Wrong With This Picture? ($1.00) — A fun Role Play where candidates get a front row seat to issues which cause employers to screen out or fire people.

Where Could They Work? ($2.50) — Candidates discover that regardless of the barrier ones has there is always a place they can get hired.

Who Am I? ($2.50) –This activity allows the candidates to experience the impact of first impressions. They will be reminded of how quickly first impressions are made and that they are sometimes very wrong. What is perceived to be true and what is actually true are often very different.


Put Yourself In My Shoes ($2.50) — A favourite role play, allows candidates to EXPERIENCE the interview from the employer’s viewpoint, so they can understand the importance of being prepared with good answers and delivering a polished presentation. It will also make them more comfortable with doing Mock Interviews later in the workshop, after seeing the facilitator willing to make a fool of him/herself.

What’s Your Hang Up ($1.00) — This activity allows the candidates to understand that impressions are made over the phone and that employers use them as a screen-out tool. Candidates will have the opportunity to determine whether or not their phone etiquette will get them screened-in or screened-out.

I Spy ($2.50) — This activity allows candidates to identify red flags on an application, understand what employers look for in the screen-out process and evaluate how their own application stacks up to the rest. They will get a glimpse of the employerís perspective and see the value of taking time to create their own model application.

Stand Out From The Crowd ($2.50) — It illustrates the importance of Quantifying their Selling Points rather than sounding like everyone else who is applying for their job.

Mock Interviews ($2.50) — This activity allows candidates to experience a ‘virtual interview’ so they can apply their new techniques and QSPs, then watch and learn from their own and other’s performances. They will see how much they have learned and how well they are doing.

How Big Is Your Network? ($1.00) — This activity help the candidates realise that they may know more people than they think they do, and to begin identifying people to include in their professional network.

Good Answer ($2.50) — Show candidates how to answer questions so that they get hired, rather than screened out.

Roses & Thorns ($1.00) — group activity which facilitates candidates helping each other improving their Good Answers