Our materials and training have been developed after many years of successful front-line experience with those many think are ‘unemployable’. Innovative tools and creative thinking are vital in moving them into sustainable employment that leads to self-sufficiency. This is what we offer you.

We believe that No One is Unemployable and each person has been given and unique set of skills and interests. When nurtured, hope is renewed and work can become rewarding. We passionately feel everyone has a right to work they enjoy that provides for their needs. Not only does this impact people on a personal level, but communities benefit as well when the previously unemployed become a contributing member in their society.
We recognise that selecting the right job is all about the job seeker, but getting hired and promoted is about proving ‘you can meet the employer’s needs’. So we teach job seekers how think like an employer so they can gain control of their own success…even in difficult markets. Our innovative, yet simple techniques for teaching the business culture is one of our most unique qualities, and the key to our success.

Our materials and philosophies can be tailored to specific individual needs from 1 person to an entire country. The WorkNet Career Development Model is in use throughout the world including Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and the United States.
Our success speaks for itself.

84% Placement Rates
64% Job Retention after 1 year
30%+ Job Upgrades within 1 year

Those are the results that have been obtained consistently by those following the WorkNet Model of Career Development.