Table of Contents (No-One is Unemployable)

Dedication iii
About WorkNet iv
About The Authors vii
Acknowledgements viii
Introduction 3

Section I:   How To Use The Book
Essential Vocabulary  7
The Ten Step Process   7
Don’t Read This!  8
Job Searching from the Employer’s Perspective  8
Encyclopedia of Barriers  9
Cross-Referenced Index  9
Gender Usage  10
Icons Denoting Solution Approaches  10
Icons Denoting Special Features   11
Legal Issues   12
Related Topics   13
WNTS’ Resource Materials   13
Using WNTS’ Worksheets   14

Concepts   17
Government Programs  19
Housing Options  20
Interview Styles   20
Job Categories  21
People/Groups  22
Skills    23
Work Experience  24

Section III: The Ten Step Process for Overcoming Barriers to Employment
Summary   27
Step   1:  Identify the Barrier     32
Step   2:  Identify the Candidate’s Perception of the Barrier   36
Step   3:  Identify the Employer’s Perception of the Barrier    42
Step   4:  Determine which Approach to Use in Addressing the Barrier 45
Step   5:  Eliminate the Employer’s Concerns   59
Step   6:  Identify Candidate’s Selling Points that Meet the Employer’s Needs  62
Step   7:  Turn the Candidate’s Barriers into Selling Points      65
Step   8:  Put it All Together in the Candidate’s Words  67
Step   9:  Practice the Answer Until it is Natural   70
Step 10:  Carefully Match the Candidate to the Appropriate Employer  71

Section IV:  Job Searching from the Employer’s Perspective
Summary  77
Key 1:  Determining the Candidate’s Target Market    79
Key 2: Understanding the Customer’s Needs and How the Candidate Meets Them   81
Key 3: Developing a Clear, Concise, Compelling, and Friendly Presentation   87
Key 4:  Getting an Appointment with the Employer  96
Key 5:  Making a Clear, Concise, and Friendly Presentation      100
Key 6:  Closing the Sale   103
Key 7:  Delivering More Than Promised     105

Section V:  The Encyclopedia of Barriers 111
See the Cross-Reference Index for a list of barriers, starting on page 267.

Section VI:  Appendices and Index
Master WNTS’ Overcoming Barriers Worksheet       265
Master WNTS’ Quantified Selling Points Worksheet   266
Cross-Reference Index      267
We Love Mail  275