Praise for the Book

Once again, Debra and Elisabeth deliver! No One Is Unemployable became a Top Ten Career Book of the Year by giving job seekers who face tough barriers genuine hope and effective practicality. The 6 Reasons is great because it reveals to the rest of us how people really get jobs. Insightful, smart, and fun to read! I rate this book a ‘Buy Now’.
– Joyce Lain Kennedy, Syndicated Columnist, Tribune Media Services

As a former employer, I am impressed with the research and insight that went into this book. I wish I’d had it when I was interviewing and hiring people for my company. The authors have it right! Readers will learn to think like the employers they want to work for. They will gain the confidence and focus needed to present themselves as an applicant employers want to pursue. A lot of employers and a wide variety of job seekers will benefit from this.
– Rich Van Hattem, Co-founder & Vice President (retired), $5.5 billion company with 30,000 employees

There’s only one reason to read this book: Debra and Elisabeth tell you exactly what you need to know to get hired.
– Tory Johnson, CEO, Women For Hire

Finally, a job search book that teaches people to think like the employer. More people would be getting hired faster if every job seeker in America understood what this book teaches – that they are hired to make the company successful, that it’s not just about their ability but their overall fit for the company, and that they must make the company more than they cost. If you’re already working, this book can help you keep your job and advance your career.
– Joel Manby, featured on CBS’s Undercover Boss, CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation

If you want to change your luck in the job search. Read this book! It reveals insightful secrets and strategies to positively position yourself at the head of the pack.
– Susan Whitcomb, Author, Resume Magic

A glut of job-search and career books floods the market, but most repeat the same information or lack research-backed authority. Finally, MacDougall and Sanders-Park have brought a fresh, new, authoritative perspective to this saturated world of job-search advice — including that on the Internet. Their 6 Reasons model challenges job-seekers’ long-held, but ineffective, practices. Giving employers what they really want seems like such an obvious concept, but candidates rarely grasp the employer’s perspective. All that is poised to change with this revolutionary book. It’s a must for the bookshelf of anyone who ever expects to look for a job.
– Katharine Hansen, PhD, Associate Publisher and Creative Director, Quintessential Careers

From the foreword
If you are out of work, or working with people who are… you simply must read this book.
– Richard Bolles, best-selling author, “What Color is Your Parachute?”

A great new look at an old topic! As always, Deb and Elisabeth give clear, accurate advice. Whether you are white collar or blue, this book offers you lots of great, practical tips.
– Richard Knowdell, Executive Director of Career Development Network, and author of “Building a Career Development Program”

In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to understand how to position yourself as the perfect match to the hiring company’s needs. In this book, Debra and Elisabeth hit the nail right on the head!
– Craig Karasin, President,

Many job seekers are on overdrive in today’s very tough job market. What they need is real world, creative ideas that can be put into action now. Elisabeth and Debra have written the one book that offers true insight and impact so many of us need – and they have done it all in a style that is easy and breezy to read. Masterful and magical!
– Jerri Rosen, CEO/Founder, Working Wardrobes

They’re right! You have to think like the employer, and ability alone will not get you hired…luckily, they tell you what will. I’ve seen the principles of this book in action. They work, and they’ll get work for you.
– David Mills, Nationally Known Trainer and How To Book Author

Practical wisdom, whimsical expression, realistic and doable strategies on how to job search and be the employee an employer will keep, promote, and delight in having on their team. Debra and Elisabeth know the “how-to” of getting the career you dream of and breaking the “just get a job mentality”.
– Shirley Shackleford, National Director of Adult Development, Here’s Life Inner City

The degree gets college grads in the hunt…but the 6 Reasons gets them the prize! I’d hand college students this gem with their diploma.
– Rich Feller Ph.D Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Colorado State University