Praise for ‘No-One is Unemployable’

What our customers are saying:

A must read for anyone in the job search business …

Every member of the staff at our non-profit job search and retention program has a well-worn copy of this book at their side. Helps us let our clients take ownership of the job search process. Also highly recommend this author’s Career Development Curriculum and Materials for the hard to place.

Amazing; definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill job-search book …

This book is both brilliant and inspiring. Every excuse for calling someone unemployable–from body odor to burglary, is met with savvy creativity and solutions that turn your head around. Angel and Harney don’t let up until they’ve got YOU convinced that No One Is Unemployable. And this stuff works in the real world. Genius level advice in the most down-to-earth, usable terms.

From the author of Damn Good Resume Guide

Great for People Looking for Work Also …

Helps potential employees think about things from the employer’s point of view. Very readable and easily understandable, if you don’t have a counsellor to walk you through it.

By Sherril L. Johnson (SW Georgia)

Indispensible resource for career developers …

An indispensable resource for job and career developers. The side bars and graphic elements make it easy to refer to. Excellent ideas for resolving tough barriers to employment. Authors have included a section on “How to use this book”. Helpful and a time saver! Thanks to the authors for this great guide.

Great for Training Career Facilitators …

This was recommended by my instructor for my career development certification. It’s an easy and helpful read for anyone who is trying to reinvent themselves. It includes ten tips about how to overcome employment barriers and related worksheets.

Jill J. Bernaciak “Career and College Consultant” (Cleveland, OH)

My Work bible …

Although very American in content, this is a book that has inspired me over the years and has also given me the tools to support others in seeking and finding employment.

Mr. G. Regis “Funk G” (Notting Hill, London)

The BEST book for job hunters with disabilities … 

While this book is not just about disabilities, it is by far the best, most useful book for job seekers (or employed people) who have any kind of problem getting hired. It is organized in a kind of encyclopedia style and discusses an amazing number of problems that people may have at work.

The book takes the EMPLOYER’S POINT OF VIEW as well as discussing ways that job hunters or employees can respond to objections. The author also suggests specific ways that employers should approach employees about issues that are problematic.

In addition to disabilities, the authors also discuss having been on welfare, having a criminal background, issues with chronic lateness, having been fired, memory problems, and former drug or alcohol addiction. The discussion of offensive body odor is a great example.

Most job-hunting-for-people-with-disabilities books focus primarily on people with visible, physical disabilities that do not affect their job performance if they have technological accommodations in place. Hidden disabilities need different solutions and even the ADA keeps changing.

Unfortunately, the ADA does not protect against prejudice and that is what this book focuses upon. The book pays a lot of attention to issues dealing with co-workers. While a boss may be accommodating, co-workers often are not.

The authors show you how you can be the best possible employee with the right job. But it just isn’t possible to explain why you would be the best possible hire if you don’t know what the employer is, and isn’t, looking for. For example, the authors give specific advice for ex-con’s and recovering alcoholics to explain why they would be the BEST possible employees for certain jobs, not just “ok” employees. Just about every situation can be an advantage, depending on how you look at it. And some “problems” aren’t really problems if you know how to deal with them.

If you have a disability or know someone who has any kind of barrier to employment, beg or borrow a copy of this book. It is wonderful.

By Joan M. Yost (New Mexico)