Introduction (No-One is Unemployable)

The process, insights, and sample solutions contained in this book were born out of a desire to help our candidates to find and keep good jobs. We have had a lot of help in developing these ideas from the WorkNet Services staff, colleagues, employers, and candidates across the country. Many of the ideas are not original, and none of them are the last word on the topic. Our hope is that in this book these ideas are organized and expounded upon in a way that will allow you to grab hold of them and use them to improve the lives of your candidates—whether urban poor, displaced professionals, homeless, recovering addicts, limited English speakers, older workers, inner-city youth, ex-felons, or welfare recipients. Even if you are merely a mother helping your children, a neighbor or church member helping friends, or a concerned community member who wants to help others, this book is for you. Once you learn the process, you will never again look at employment barriers in the same way.

Learning how to identify and overcome the barriers that stand between our candidates and a good job has been an ongoing process. Our hope is that what we have learned will help you to see that your candidates are employable. Often, a candidate believes that no one will hire him, and unfortunately, we become overwhelmed by his barriers and agree. At WorkNet, we have found that all barriers, even those that seem insurmountable—a felony, homelessness, no high school education—can be overcome creatively and honestly. After nearly ten years of success, we can give you real examples of people who have done it and are working in good jobs. If our candidates can do it, so can yours! Along the way, we have learned that a candidate’s success depends more on our ability to teach them how to be their own Career Developer, than on our ability to do it for them. As a result of applying The Ten Step Process with your candidates, we believe that you, too, will see changed attitudes, higher placement rates and longer job retention. Your candidates will come to the happy realization that they are truly employable!

After you have read The Ten Step Process and Job Searching from the Employer’s Perspective, and reviewed the Encyclopedia of Barriers, we encourage you to send us your comments, suggestions, success stories, and ideas. We would like this book to become a collaborative reference tool, where those who are on the front line share their expertise… so that together we can make a difference.