rbc3_00WorkNet International’s staff training sessions are fun and fast-paced, filled with true stories and practical ideas for making your job easier and you more effective.

Our acclaimed series of seminars and keynote are presented to organisations and conferences worldwide. With over 40,000 consultants trained throughout seven countries, and over a decade of frontline service provision, we have the proven credentials to help you succeed.

Invite us to inspire your staff, or alternatively attend one of WorkNet International’s scheduled seminars in various countries, or be a leader in your community and host a seminar.

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  • The feedback from your “No One Is Unemployable” seminar was excellent! Even the more sceptical staff rated you high, which is very hard to do. –Terri Greentree, Organisational Development Manager, WorkDirections

  • WORKNET training is unique, enabling Personal Advisers to adopt different approaches to address the barriers of our customers and move them into sustainable employment.” –Dave Cowie - District Manager, JCP

  • We have been very impressed by the quality of staff training delivered by Debra which has both inspired and challenged staff to think about employability in a different way. –Christina Allon, Director, Careers Scotland