Every company and every individual has different needs and requirements, which is why WorkNet has developed a variety of resources and service. We have resources for creating fun workshops for job seeker, and materials for working with customers 1-to-1. We recommend a combination of both; sharing information in workshops and personalising it in 1-to-1 meetings…but the choice is yours.

You can purchase WorkNet Materials or co-brand it so that your company name and logo appear on everything your customers receive. You can become a Partner using the full model or select only the portion missing from your own materials. We are happy to discuss your unique needs and will work beside you to help select which products and services will help you achieve you desired outcomes. We are excited to be able to offer this service free and ensure it will be of benefit to you.

Once you have reviewed our products and service, please contact us at info@worknet-international.com for a free product and service consultation.

  • I love doing WorkNet with clients. It's incredible to witness the changes the material inspires. Our full time follow-up person has made the programme even more unbelievably better ... we have 70% of our folks still employed and in touch after almost 2 years of tracking! –Becky Roe-Smith, WorkNet Director, UGM - USA (The Union Gospel Mission is one of the largest and most comprehensive homeless shelters in the USA. It runs programmes for homeless youths, moms with children, families, single men and addiction recovery.)

  • WorkNet captures and enhances "the plus factor" in Employment Plus. ... Most importantly, they adapted their programme to meet the needs and expectations of the New Zealand market. –George A Borthwick, TSAEP National Manager - NEW ZEALAND