Why become a WorkNet International Partner?

As our services and products offer you more business solutions we realise that your experience and knowledge increases with it. At each level our partnership grows with you, from customer to Licensed Distributor we wish to offer you benefits in return.

If you would like the opportunity to discuss how our four levels of partnership could be advantageous to you please email us at info@worknet-international.com and one of our Management Team will contact you to see how you and your organisation can be best served by WorkNet International.

Partner Overviews

Partners – discuss the opportunity to become a partner organisation of WorkNet International. The benefits extended to partner organisations include:

  • Co-branding for in-house marketing.
  • The right to print WorkNet materials via an Intellectual Property Agreement.
  • Opportunity for in-house training and discount day rates for seminars.
  • Opportunity to co-host Work-Net International seminars and workshops.

Distributing Partner – include all of the advantages extended to a partner, plus:

  • Co-branding for external sales.
  • Opportunity to set retail prices.
  • Choice of market sales.
  • Opportunity to link to the WorkNet International web site.
  • Receive marketing material templates and free advice on developing personalised marketing material.
  • Opportunity to develop new products in conjunction with WorkNet International for niche markets.

Licensed Distributing Partner – include all of the advantages of the distributing partner, plus:

  • Right to maintain WorkNet’s full range of products.
  • Right to co-brand product range.
  • Right to negotiate market boundaries.
  • Right to provide all of WorkNet’s products to their exclusive market.
  • First offer of reservations for seminars and workshops.
  • First offer of in-house training times by WorkNet International staff.
  • Opportunity to train and present WorkNet International intellectual property once certified by WorkNet International.