Below are the most common asked question by our customers. If you have any questions not shown here, please contact us at

How do we order books?

Ordering our books No One Is Unemployable and The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job is simple. Just click on Order Online, click on the book you would like and add the quantity. Once you have done this, you can either pay using Pay Pal or request an invoice. Then click on Order Now, your selection will then be sent directly through to our team at WorkNet International, where a confirmation of your order will be emailed to you. If you paid via Pay Pal your order will be sent out the next day. If you requested and invoice, then the invoice will be sent out the next day and the products will be despatched on receipt of your payment.

How do we order classroom products?

To ensure that the products you order will meet your needs, we would like to discuss your first order with you. For example, did you know we offer two types of classroom materials, that you can have your companies name and logo put on our classroom materials, or that we offer materials which can be used on-line. Please contact us at to set up a phone meeting.

What populations do you specialise in?

WorkNet International provides products and services in six different countries to companies and organisations that work with many disadvantaged populations.

Our experience to date includes: indigenous populations, single parents, youth, ex-offenders, long term unemployed, displaced workers, immigrants, recent graduates, refugees and returning vets. WorkNet’s products are designed to be relevant and beneficial to all individuals.

If you would like more information on the type of services and products we have available, email your questions through to us at

How do we book your services?

To send a request for either training, one of our seminars or for a key note address – email us at including your contact phone number and we will get in touch with you personally to discuss how best to meet your needs.

Can you tailor packages?

Tailoring products and services to individual clients is our speciality. We have worked with over 50,000 employment consultants and career advisors all with unique needs. If you have questions on how we can tailor our products or services contact us with your request and your contact details – if we can’t answer your request by email or we require more information one of our management team will call you personally.

How do we get in touch with a distributor?

You can get in touch with your nearest WorkNet Distributor by contacting us.
We will answer any questions you may have and forward your contact information on to one of our distributors who will contact you to fulfil your request/order.

How can we become a distributor?

As our products and services provide you with the results you are looking for, you may wish to be able to distribute to other companies and organisations. If you would like to discuss this opportunity please contact us and one of our management team will contact you via phone or email.

How do we decide what products and services we need?

If you are new to WorkNet products, use our free consultation service to help you choose the correct products and services to get you started. You will find our contact details under the Contact Us tab. Alternatively you can begin by reviewing the descriptions of our materials under Products on the Home Page.

Do we need training and support services?

If there is a need or request for Training and Support these options will be discussed with you. A tailored package relating to you, the needs of your staff and clients will be provided with personalised options free of charge.

Do you provide samples of your products for review before purchase?

If you would like to view samples of our products please contact us and one of our team will respond to your request.

How do we find out about upcoming seminars?

All seminars for WorkNet International will be advertised online and through our distributors in each country. Updates will be posted monthly and you can reserve your ticket by contacting us (an invoice will then be sent directly). WorkNet International also has a mailing list, if you forward your details all seminars, workshops, articles and specials will be sent directly to you free of charge.

Do you have a mailing list we can join?

Yes we do. To ensure you are aware of all products, training and latest news including articles, questions, tips and answers simply contact us and asked to be included on our mailing list. When you send in a request to join the mailing list please inform us whether you would like your mail via post or email. Please provide your full name and contact details.

How long do products take to be delivered?

Delivery is based on 10 working days, upon receipt of payment. Please allow extra time for large orders. Customers will always be informed of timelines for delivery.