WorkNet Express Group Overview

Express Groups are 1 1/2 to 2 hour sessions based on WorkNet concepts.

This consists of 60 minutes of interactive classroom presentation with activities every 15 to 20 minutes, a 30 minute practical application lab and an optional 30 minute exercise.

Our current group topics and purposed outlines are as follows:

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Life / Work Planning Series (5)

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1. Why Work… what do you want from a job


People work for different reasons – not just for money. Why should you work? What is in it for you? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you choose jobs you enjoy.
Result: Identified their top 3 reasons to work.

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2. No Fear… dealing with the Fear Factor


Do you like your life? What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams. Understanding your Fear Factor is the first step in taking control of your life… of your futures.
Result: Identified their top fears and how to work with them.

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3. PDT Code… understanding my preferences


Having trouble finding a job you love? Knowing your ‘People, Data, Things’ preference will help you discover jobs that suit you. This session will help you understand your preferences.

Result: Identified preferences and how to relate them to job matching.

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4. My Choice… starting a career starts with you


Ar you unsure of what job you want/ Have you never worked? Do you need to change jobs? This session will help you discover the jobs you would enjoy.

Result: Identified 3 Dream Jobs (Entry Career to be determined).

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5. What’s Next… creating a career path
(Candidates must have identified at least one other dream job to attend this group)

WN_EG-WhatsNext Are you tired of having dead end jobs? Do you want to get promoted? This session will teach you how to create a career path that will tai you from what you are qualified to do today to your dream job.

Result: Designed a workable Career Path by contacting employers.

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Business Culture Series: (8)

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6. Planet Business… how to think like the employer and get the job! 


Do you feel like you don’t fit into the world of work?… Are you not sure if you want to? Discover how to take control of your career. Learn how to succeed in business and not betray your roots.

Result: Designed a plan for becoming bi-cultural and finding a mentor to help.

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7. Good Decisions… the 3 option rule.


Do you like the life your decisions have given you? Would you like to change it? Learn how to take control of your future. Stop being a victim of circumstance, see the options you already have, and choose the one that is best for you.

Result: Gained a tool for making better decisions. Examined current decisions and determined if they are best for them.

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8. Actions, Believes and Consequences… making my dreams true


Do you wonder why others achieve their dreams, and you don’t? I could be the way you think. Your beliefs can either help or hinder you from reaching your goals. Learn what you can do about it.

Result: Discovered attitudes that no longer benefit them, and how to adjust them.

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9. Successful Attitudes… creating positive perceptions


Have your been unfairly accused of being aggressive, a know-it-all, lazy or some other negative trait? Do you wish you could change how others see you, so they will want to help you succeed? Learn how to change how others perceive you.

Result: Identified negative perceptions others may have of them and how to change them

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10. Left out… why can’t I get a job?


Are you unsure what to tell an employer when they ask, “Why should I hire you?”. Does the answer you currently give get you hired? Learn to look at yourself through the employer’s eyes – discover your strengths and top 3 barriers for each PADMAN area.

Result: Identified their top 3 strengths and top 3 barriers for each PADMAN area
(Candidates should attend the next group sessions “Solutions” to learn how to overcome their barriers. And, session “QSP” and “Prove It” to discover how to use their strengths.)

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11. Solutions… overcoming barriers to employment
(Candidates must have identified 6 barriers – they can be identified in “Left Out”.)


Now that you have identified your barriers to employment what do you do about them? this session will show you five ways to overcome them.

Result: Learned the 5 patches for overcoming barriers. Begin applying the right patch for each of their barriers.
(Candidates should attend the next group session “Nail It” to learn to develop their good answers to barrier issues.)

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12. Nail It… good answers for tough questions


Are there questions you hope the employer won’t ask? Are there etchings about that you can’t change, yet you fear that is why you are not being hired? Learn a simple process for answering those questions, and removing the employer’s confers.

Result: Developed good answers for 2 or 3 touch questions.

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13. Image Matters… do I look the part


Do you think image shouldn’t matter on the job? This very fun session will take a look at why employers think it does. It will help you to determine what image the employers in your field are looking for, so you can change your image or change your field.

Result: Evaluted if they need to adjust their image or change where they look in order get the job they want.

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Jobs Search Series: (7)

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14. My Plan… what is the best way for me to job search?


What is the best way for you to introduce yourself to employers: on paper, over the phone, in person, or through a credible reference? Find out which will highlight your strengths and minimise your barriers to employment.

Result: Determined which approach is best for them and 3 tools they should use.

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15. Uniquely You… developing my QSP’s


Everyone says they’re dependable and hardworking. How does the employer know shot to believe? The answer is simples – QSP’s. QSPs are one of the four ways to prove to employers you are better than your competition. Learn how to write them.

Result: Created 6 QSP’s and learned how to adapt them for paper, phone and in person.

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16. Prove It… who to have the one that’s hired!
(Candidates should have attended “Uniquely You” so they know how to develop QSP’s, the fourth “prove it”.)


Tired of going on interviews and not being hired? Gain the edit on your competition by learning how to avoid being screened out and four ways to prove you are the best applicant for the job.

Result: Selected a “prove it” for 6 employer needs, and developed at least one demo, one story, and one credible reference.

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17. Paper Trail… CV’s that get interviews.


Is your CV not getting you interviews? Ar you changing fields, looking for your first job or do you have gaps in employment that make your CV ineffective? If so, you need a new CV. Learn to create a QSP skills CV that shows your strengths and minimises your barriers. Create yours today.

Result: Creates a new CV with the assistance of an instructor.

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18. Where’s My Job… accessing the Hidden Market


Did you know that most jobs are never advertised? How do you find those jobs? how do you market yourself to those employers? This session will who you how, and get you started.

Result: Selected tow Hidden Market tools and sources to use in their job search. Began creating lists of possible networks and employers to contact, and begin making those calls.

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19. Standing Out… making each interview count


Do you hate interviews? Are you unsure of what to do, what to say? This session will give you the inside scoop on the interview process and help you develop good answers for common questions, so you feel more in control.

Result: Reduced fear of the interview and developed good answers for three of the most common questions.

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20. Red Flags… how to find them and remove them


How do employers decide who to screen out? – they look for ‘Red Flags’. What do employers see when they look at your application or CV? What do they hear when you answer questions or listen to your references? Take a close look at all the tools you use, find the red flags that warn employers away and remove them.

Result: Better tools and a greater awareness of how to continue to improve their job search.

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