Our goal is 80% placement of customers in an Entry-Career Job within eight weeks of starting the workshop (twelve weeks for more professional positions). This will happen only if you invest the time, energy, and creativity up-front. DO NOT convince yourself that by not doing the workshops and one-to-one meetings you save time and energy. You will spend it at the back-end, re-motivating, re-placing, searching for lost clients, etc. Actively and strategically investing 8 to 15 hours in each clients during a two month period, is much more effective than wasting 24 hours over a year — the first option produces immediate results and gives you a great reputation with customers and funders, the second draws out the job search process and customers often lose heart and give up. That’s the hard sell.
Regardless of how much time you can invest in your customers, WorkNet offers several tools to assist you in 1-to-1 Case Management.

Desk Aids – The Desk Aids are a two-sided card which provides staff with WorkNet tools which can be photocopied for use with customers and a quick reminder of how to use some Images from Screen-Outsof the key concepts and tools taught during the seminars. If you purchase all 13 they come in a WorkNet 3-ring binder. (Cost is $19.95 or $2.00 each)

The topics Include:

  • 50/50 Action Plan
  • Creating a Change Environment / Dealing with the Fear Factor
  • Creating Good Answers to Tough Questions
  • Designing a Reverse Career Path
  • Finding and Using Side Doors
  • How to Adjust Customer’s Attitudes
  • How to Create a Successful Job Search Strategy
  • How to ‘Say the Hard Things’
  • Motivating Your Customers with WIIFM
  • The Open & Hidden Markets
  • Prove Its
  • Screen-Outs


100 CVs With No Response – What Now? – This easy to understand booklet offers quick tips on how to write an effective CV, how to identify screen-outs in CVs and correct them and how to use ‘side doors’ instead of CVs. (Cost is $7.50 each or can be purchased in bulk to be given to customers at a significant discount.

Images from 100 CV's


PADMAN PosterPADMAN Poster – The PADMAN poster works as a desk aid, making it easy for staff to quickly explain that “ability” is not enough to get hired. It then helps the customer determine where their barriers to employment are so solution tools can be chosen to overcome them. It also helps them teach customers about the business culture. (Cost $7.50 each)

Cover image from Lessons Learned in the Trenches


Lessons Learned in the Trenches Handbook – A guide for implementing The WorkNet Model, complete with tips, scripts and forms (117 pages) (Cost $25, plus printing costs)